Ciarán Walsh

3377 days, 2018
Series of five inkjet photographic prints on Baryta paper, plus single photographic poster print; 30 x 20 cm / 50 x 75 cm (unique prints)

The Sickness, Book One, 2017
Publication; 120 pages, digital offset printed, published with TFGC Publishing (Düsseldorf/Berlin)

Exhibition Module for a Fictional Text, 2017
Sculpture; painted wood

Vortices, 2016
Publication; 94 pages, risograph printed, self-published in limited numbered edition of 100

Fragments of Unknown Teachings, 2014
Two-room installation; various materials, with programmed lights on 10 minute loop

The Ghost of an Image, 2014
Performance; reading and digital audio (duration 43 minutes), video projection (loop), series of 3 screenprints (unique)

A Time for Superlatives, 2014
Sculpture; painted foamcard, acrylic glass, wood, light box

He Cried in a Whisper at Some Image, at Some Vision, 2012
Archival inkjet photographic prints on AluDiBond; each 60 x 40 cm (unique prints)

It's Just a Shadow Away, 2011
Video work; HD video with audio, duration 9 minutes 30 seconds

Isolated Receptor, 2010
Sculpture; enamel-painted aluminium, plastic tubing, wood

Urwald, 2010
Sculpture; series of 7 digital offset prints, steel bar

Fabricated Model (Accumulation), 2010
Sculpture; painted wood, acrylic glass fixtures

Conduit, 2009
Sculpture; various materials

Iris Stream, 2009
Video work; SD video without audio, duration 4 minutes 45 seconds

Station, 2008
Sculpture; various materials